During my hiatus from researching, writing, and podcasting, I made a TikTok account! It’s an account for both my fiction writing and historical research, because why not? Here are a few history related videos I’ve made. Be sure to follow me to watch my videos.

My most recent video about the Jadids:


Who were the Jadids and why arw they important in understanding modern day Central Asia? #historytime #centralasianhistory #soviethistory #jadids #historynerd

♬ original sound – PepperthePhoenix

Here is a video highlighting the books I used for research for the Central Asian Civil Wars during the Russian Civil War:


These are some of the books I used while researching for my season two the Central Asian Civil Wars during the Russian Civil War. #historypodcast #centralasianhistory #booktok #bookrecommendations #references #historybooks

♬ Завтрак – Manizha

This is a video about Turar Risqulov I recorded at midnight because I had a lot of thoughts about Risqulov.


I am fascinated by Turar Risqulov a very accomloshed Kazakh statesman and intellectual. He worked hard during the Russian Revolution and Civil War to fight famine in Kazakhstan and then worked with the Soviets to form the Musboro, the Central Asian Bureau, and the Turkestan-Siberian Railroad before he was murdered by the Soviets during the Great Terror. #centralasianhistory #turarrisqulov #sovietunion #sovietunionhistory #kazakhstan #kazakhhistoricaltiktok

♬ original sound – PepperthePhoenix

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