Fight For Abortion Rights

The Supreme Court leaked a draft opinion that it will strike down Roe v Wade. Here’s how you can fight for reproductive justice

Donate and Volunteer with Abortion Funds

Here is a list of all abortion funds in the United States

The National Network of Abortion Funds is allows you to split your donation amongst 80 abortion funds around the country.

A hand selected list of abortion funds

Call Your Representative

You can use this script when calling your representatives

“Hi, my name is [name]. I’m calling from [zip], and I’m a constituent. I’m calling to make sure [Senator] will support the Women’s Health Protect Act, when the reintroduced version comes back to the Senate floor next week. It’s very clear from this week’s SCOTUS leak, we’re running out of time.

FOR SENATE DEMS: I’m also calling to ask [Senator] support a filibuster carveout around this bill. The bill needs 60+ to pass and it’s clear the numbers aren’t there to eliminate the filibuster entirely. Senate Dems wanted a carveout for voting rights. Reproductive health needs it too – please urgently explore how it can be done.

I also want to ask [Senator] to push Manchin and Sinema on this issue. Please remind them that constituents in both of their states will be directly impacted by trigger laws. It’s not even close to business as usual. They need to act.

And if you’re in Illinois and called Senator Tammy Duckworth be sure to tell her:

FOR SENATOR DUCKWORTH: I understand you are running for re-election. I cannot support a candidate who won’t take the lead in the fight for body autonomy and reproductive justice. How is Senator Duckworth planning to fight for our human rights?”

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