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  • History in 5ish Minutes: Frunze’s Strategy Against the Basmachi

    Learn about the five tactics Red Army General Mikhail Frunze used against the Basmachi. If you enjoyed this episode, please donate to our Patreon Help Pakistan Page Help Puerto Rico Page Resources “The Basmachi or Freemen’s Revolt in Turkestan 1918-1924 by Martha B. Olcott “Revolution in the Borderlands: The Case of Central Asia in a […]

  • The Russian Civil War: Enver Pasha and the Basmachi

    General, Mikhail Frunze entered Central Asia in 1920 and neutered the Musburo, overthrew both the Khivan and Bukharan Emir, and developed a counter-insurgency strategy to crush the Basmachi. However he encountered four problems with his plan: Frunze, in his efforts to overthrow the Bukharan Emir, woke up the hornet’s nest that was the Bukharan Basmachi. […]

  • Episode 43-The Russian Civil War: Enver Pasha and the Basmachi

    What happens when a former Ottoman Pasha, sentenced to death in absentia finds himself in Central Asia? If you’re Enver Pasha, you first align with the Bolsheviks before jumping ship and joining the Basmachi. Learn how Enver led the Basmachi until his death in a small village in eastern Bukhara. If you enjoyed this episode, […]

  • Russian Colonialism in Central Asia 1860-1890

    Russia and Central Asia have a long, intertwined history that altered between coexistence and conflict. The Russians didn’t start expanding eastwards until the 1500s and they didn’t ’t really consider invading the region until the 1700s and even then, it’s contained to the Steppe lands. We don’t really see engagements with major Central Asian powers […]

  • A Brief History of Central Asia

    The Samanids-7th to 10th Century In her book, Russia and Central Asia: Coexistence, Conquest, Convergence, Shoshana Keller wrote that “if you look at a map, Central Asia is at the center of everything but is itself nowhere.” I think that’s a pretty useful way of thinking about this region. It is surrounded by Russia, China, […]

  • Episode 42-The Russian Civil War: Frunze vs the Basmachi 1920-1921

    After disbanding the Musburo and overthrowing the Emirs of Khiva and Bukhara, Frunze has one more enemy to eliminate before communism can take hold in Central Asia: the Basmachi. Learn how Frunze created an counter-insurgency strategy against the Basmachi while dealing with mountain warfare, a ragtag army, and a region wracked with famine and sectarian […]

  • Russian Civil War: Central Power POWs, Indian Revolutionaries, and British Agents, Oh My!

    Central Power POWs Before the Russian Revolution, Russia was at war with the Central Powers during WWI and by 1917, had captured approximately 2.4 million prisoners from its eastern front alone. When considering all of their fronts, it is estimated they captured 8 million prisoners in total. These prisoners were held all over the Russian […]

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