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  • 2022 Writing and Podcasting Recap

    2022 is finally over! I don’t know about you, but I am bidding it a fond farewell. That being said, this year was a pretty productive year in terms of the podcast. We’re only two years old, but I’m really proud of the episodes I’ve produced and the events I was able to cover this […]

  • My Favorite Reads of 2022

    Happy New Year! 2022 is finally over. Even though this year was miserable on many fronts, I read 56 awesome books, some even published this year! Here are some of my favorite/most interesting reads of the year. Amanat: Women’s Writing From Kazakhstan Selected and Translated by Zaure Batayeva and Shelley Fairweather-Vega If you know me, […]

  • Episode 45 – The Russian Civil War: Cho’lpon and Abdulla Qodiriy

    Cho’lpon and Abdulla Qodiriy are giants within Uzbek literature. They were also Jadids, Muslim reformers who lived in Central Asia in the 1900s and witness how the Russian Revolution and Civil War affected Turkestan, Bukhara, and Khiva. Learn how they shaped Uzbek cultural and literary identity and how they were vilified and murdered by the […]

  • Five Facts about the Basmachi’s Approach to Guerrilla Warfare

    The Basmachi was disorganized, disjointed guerilla movement in Central Asia during the Russian Civil War. Despite being led by various different leaders and experiencing varying level of organization and success, every unit used these 5 basic tactics in their war against anyone who threatened their small c, conservative values. References “The Basmachi or Freemen’s Revolt […]

  • Episode 44 – The Russian Civil War: Abdurauf Fitrat

    Learn about Abdurauf Fitrat, a giant in Central Asian literature and a statesman who played a key role in creating the modern state of Uzbekistan and its language. If you enjoyed this episode, please donate to our Patreon References: Making Uzbekistan: Nation, Empire, and Revolution in the Early USSR by Adeeb Khalid Reviewed Work(s): Evading […]

  • History in 5ish Minutes: the Basmachi’s Approach to Guerrilla Warfare

    Learn about the five tactics the Basmachi used against the Bolsheviks and why they, ultimately failed. If you enjoyed this episode, please donate to our Patreon Resources “The Basmachi or Freemen’s Revolt in Turkestan 1918-1924 by Martha B. Olcott “Revolution in the Borderlands: The Case of Central Asia in a Comparative Perspective” by Marco Buttino […]

  • My Love for Central Asian Literature Part 1 – Abdurauf Fitrat, Abdulla Qodiry, and Cho’lpon

    I’m currently working on a script for my history podcast, the Art of Asymmetrical Warfare, about three Central Asian literary giants: Abdurauf Fitrat, Abdulla Qodiry, and Abdulhamid Sulayman o’g’li Yusunov also known as Cho’lpon and it got me thinking about their influence on my historical interests, reading tastes, and writing style. If you’re wondering why […]

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