On February 24th, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. It’s been roughly five weeks and Kyiv, Kharkiv, Mariupol, and the majority of Ukraine’s cities are still in Ukrainians hand and holding back the Russian invasion. Of the cities taken, unarmed civilians are leading daily protests against the Russian invaders, even as the Russians kidnap their mayors, journalists, and activities and indiscriminately kill their civilians. The United States and NATO countries have been sending supplies and arms and applying sanctions, but they must ramp up their support as this war shifts from Russia’s expected quick victory to a long, brutal war. 

How can we help?

FIRST review this carrd made by Ukrainians on the many ways to help Ukraine

THEN read this list of community based organizations that support the queer, feminist, youth, disabled, and Roma communities

THEN read this list of Ukrainian organizations that need support

Another list of Ukrainian organizations that need support

AND this list of more Ukrainian organizations that need support

A twitter thread on medical organizations you can donate to

This twitter thread on how to help Roma in Ukraine

A twitter thread on animal rescues operating in Ukraine

Then read the rest of this page, which lists a number of other ways you can help Ukraine win this war that no one but Putin wanted. 

Caveat: don’t attack Russians and Belorussians in your cities. Don’t boycott their businesses. Don’t use Putin’s idiocy as an excuse to engage in Russophobia or Belorussophobia. If you want to help Ukraine do positive things.

Positive as in donations, encouraging governments to send arms, things that will add a benefit to Ukraine, not negative.

Negative as in only harming those not directly involved, doing things that don’t benefit Ukrainian soldiers or citizens in any meaningful or physical way.

The exception being if they’re Russian oligarchs, but even then don’t attack, don’t boycott. Follow your government’s laws regarding reporting oligarch property. The United States launched a special task force: the Kleptocapture task force. If you want to help, it seems that you report information to your local authorities and they’ll take it from there 

Call your representatives

The first thing we can do is call our representatives and demand they do the following:

  1. Increase supplies and arms sent to Ukraine
  2. Agree to take ALL refugees affected by this war
  3. Send funds to frontline nations (like Poland) who are taking in 2 million plus refugees

Script for Sending arms and supplies to Ukraine:

Use this script when calling your representatives about aiding Ukraine:

Hello, I am [your name] and I live in [your address]. I am calling because I am concerned about the situation in Ukraine. I am asking [rep's name] to support legislation that will aid Ukraine in their war against Russia, particularly weapons that can combat Russia's aircraft and artillery and help Ukraine gain air superiority. This includes stringer surface-to-air missiles, Javelin anti-tank missiles, drones, and aircraft. I also ask [rep's name] to support legislation that will send needed supplies to Ukraine such as medical equipment and supplies, food, and clothing. We must continue to stand with Ukraine as they resist Putin's army.

Script for Accepting Ukrainian Refugees

As of now, the United States has yet to reveal a plan to accept the 2 million plus Ukrainian refugees. The US recently added Ukraine to the list of TPS countries, but we need to do more to help Ukrainian refugees, especially as Ukraine’s neighbors have already accepted and processed 2 million refugees. Never Again Chicago has an entire toolkit you can use to pressure our representative to take action now. Their proposed script is as follows:

Hello, my name is [your name] and I am calling from [your address]. I am calling to ask Congress to take urgent action to address the growing refugee crisis in Ukraine. More than 1 million Ukrainians have already fled their homes with millions more expected to be displaced. Many of our allies are already welcoming thousands of refugees while the United States has yet to announce a formal plan. I ask [your rep] to support the following actions: 

- Introduce legislation similar to the 1975 Indochina Migration and Refugee Assistance Act to fund the transportation and processing of refugees from Ukraine
- Ask President Biden to raise the US annual refugee cap
- Ask the administration to provide the Polish, Slovak, Hungarian, and Moldovan governments with aid for Ukrainians seeking refuge in those countries

Ukraine is fighting for its very existence. The United States must do all it can to help them, including taking care of those displaced by Putin’s war. 

Donate to Ukrainian Based Organizations

Voices of Children an organization that provides psychological and psychosocial support to children caught in the path of Russia’s war.

Come Back Alive a way to donate directly to the Ukrainian army

Lifeline Ukraine a suicide prevention hotline for veterans

Vostok-SOS an organization that supports people affected by conflict and internally displaced peoples

Hospitallers-donate the Ukraine’s army medical staff

Feminist Workshop in Lviv-an organization building a feminist society within Ukraine

Donate to Provide Emergency Trauma First Aid Kits to Ukraine

Vet Voice Found and MOAS fundraiser to send medical aid to Ukraine

Help the LGBTQ+ Communities in Ukraine

Teenergizer-a youth group dedicated to helping people with HIV

Sphere-an organization in Kharkiv who supporters the queer community.

Help the Romani Communities in Ukraine

Roma Women Fund Chirikli an organization that advocates for Roma women’s rights

Support Roma People of Ukraine Fundraiser organized by ARCA and ERIAC a Romani organization dedicated to preserving Roma art and supporting Roma artists

Youth Agency for the support of Romani Culture (ARCA) an organization preserving Romani culture

Helped the Disabled Communities in Ukraine

Help Ukrainians with Disabilities GoFundMe

Dostupno UA an organization that advocates for disabled Ukrainians

National Assembly of People with Disabilities in Ukraine

InvaFishki an organization that helps those who need motorized devices

Everyone Can an organization that specifically helps disabled children

Help Ukrainian Zoos

Buy tickets to the Mykolaiv Zoo to support their animals

EAZA’s Fundraiser for Ukrainian zoos

Donate to Independent Journalists

The New Voice of Ukraine patreon

The Kyiv Independent Patreon and donation page

24.02 Foundation an organization helping equip reporters and newsrooms in Ukraine with the necessary equipment, vehicles, and protective gear.

Help Ukrainian Journalism Now

Support Terrell Jermaine Starr as he reports live from Ukraine

Share information for those fleeing the war

This Twitter thread on what to bring when you’re fleeing a warzone

Science for Ukraine an constantly updated list of job opportunities for fleeing academics and students

This Twitter thread for Ukrainian refugees seeking resettlement in Ireland

Donate to Organizations in Neighboring Countries Who Are Assisting Refugees

A list of Romanian organizations helping Ukrainian refugees

A list of Hungarian organizations helping Ukrainian refugees

A list of Polish organizations helping Ukrainian refugees

Tech Support for Ukrainian Refugees in Hungary

Last updated: 3/21/2022