The Basmachi

Introduction Famed but often misunderstood guerilla fighters, the Basmachi were an Islamic resistance force that targeted both the Bolsheviks and modernizing Islamic forces of Central Asia. This article provides a basic overview of their creation, organizational hierarchy, and talks about some of their most famous leaders. Support Me on Patreon Black Lives Matters Resources Support… Continue reading The Basmachi

Episode 28-The Basmachi

Famine, civil wars, complete breakdown of authority-it only makes sense to join a guerilla movement that promises provisions and safety, right? Learn about the Basmachi, a group of warlords turned guerilla movement that became one of the Soviet's most persistent headaches in Central Asia during the 1920s and 30s. If you enjoyed this episode, please… Continue reading Episode 28-The Basmachi

Book Review for Making Uzbekistan by Adeeb Khalid

Rating: 5/5 Pros: A comprehensive exploration into the creation of Uzbekistan and its neighboring states A long overdue overview of an often-neglected region of the world Well-researched and detail heavy but still easy to read Cons: Need to know a little about the region before reading Is VERY detail heavy and needs to be reread… Continue reading Book Review for Making Uzbekistan by Adeeb Khalid