Hello all! I am very excited to announce that on March 23rd, I’ll be launching a podcast!

It is called the Art of Asymmetrical Warfare and it is a history podcast that focuses on asymmetrical warfare (surprise, haha!) I’m very excited. I’ll be posting the episodes on this blog and will also upload them to Spotify, Itunes, and Youtube. Once I have the accounts created and the first few episodes uploaded, I’ll update this post with links.

Right now, I’m working with a graphic designer to design and create a beautiful banner and icon. Soon we’ll have a Twitter page and a Ko-Fi page to support the research and I’ll be creating a newsletter as well, so you’ll always know when an episode is posted. I just finished recording episode two today and will spend the rest of the week editing (nothing makes you hate podcasts more than having to listen to yourself say the same sentence over and over and over again because you’re hyper focusing on the weird way you pronounce the word conflict, but the project must go on!).

This batch of episodes will focus on Easter Rising. First, we’ll take a quick overview of the Rising itself and contextualize it within the great history of Ireland’s struggle for self-governance. Then, we’ll do a deeper dive and talk about the brave women who participated in Easter Rising. (Please tolerate my terrible pronunciation of Gaelic words and names. I’m very nervous and self-conscious about my tongue’s inability to say anything correctly).

The next few episodes after that will focus on the Anglo-Irish War and the Irish Civil War but then I hope to expand into other conflicts such as the Algerian War, the Palestine Mandate, and the many, many, many uprisings and rebellions experienced by the Russian and Austrian-Hungarian Empires. And then expand into topics I don’t know as well such as the Mau-Mau rebellion, the Vietnam war-both against America and France-the Indian Mutiny, etc.

I will discuss the various battles and skirmishes that occurred but want to focus on how the engagements were fought as well as contextualize the conflicts within the greater political and social narrative.

I’m super excited and hope you’ll enjoy the podcast!

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