Episode 13 Michael Collins’ Intelligence War

Episode 13-Michael Collins' Intelligence War Today we discuss Michael Collins and his intelligence war including the formation of the Squad, his spies such as Ned Broy, David Neligan, and James MacNamara, and Bloody Sunday Transcript Theme Sound: Symphony no. 5 in Cm, Op. 67 - III. Allegro Image designed by @GraphicsHub3 References: The Republic: the… Continue reading Episode 13 Michael Collins’ Intelligence War

Episode 10-Richard Mulcahy and the Irish War for Independence

In this episode we discuss Richard Mulcahy's role as Chief of Staff of the IRA during the Irish War of Independence, including his efforts to instill discipline and organization, his difficult relationship with Brugha and DeValera, and his increased radicalization. If you enjoyed this episode, please donate to our Ko-Fi Transcript Theme Sound: Symphony no.… Continue reading Episode 10-Richard Mulcahy and the Irish War for Independence

Episode 7-Anglo-Irish War Part II-1920

Episode 7-Anglo-Irish War Part II 1920 Before we begin, we want to make it clear that this podcast and website knows Black Lives Matter and support the protesters demanding justice and arguing for the abolition of the police. There are links below on how we can help support the movement and challenge our own prejudices… Continue reading Episode 7-Anglo-Irish War Part II-1920