Episode 12-Hunger Strikes During the Irish War of Independence

  In this episode, we discuss the role of hunger strikes during the Irish War of Independence, including the story of Thomas Ashe, the Mountjoy Prison and General Strike of 1918, and Terence MacSwiney. If you enjoyed this episode, please donate to our Ko-Fi If you want to receive updates on our projects, join our… Continue reading Episode 12-Hunger Strikes During the Irish War of Independence

Episode 7-Anglo-Irish War Part II-1920

Episode 7-Anglo-Irish War Part II 1920 Before we begin, we want to make it clear that this podcast and website knows Black Lives Matter and support the protesters demanding justice and arguing for the abolition of the police. There are links below on how we can help support the movement and challenge our own prejudices… Continue reading Episode 7-Anglo-Irish War Part II-1920