Episode 37-the Russian Civil War the Musburo: Creating a Muslim Nationalist-Communist Cadre in Turkestan, 1919

Kobozev arrived in Turkestan in 1918 and tried to bring order to the region. Facing resistance from the Russian Settlers, he turned to the Muslim population and created different political and governmental opportunities for them. One such opportunity was the Central Bureau of Muslim Communist Organizations of Turkestan (the Musburo). However, when the Muslims start using the language and principles of Communism against the Bolsheviks and with a horrible famine and ethnic strife increasing, it becomes clear that a military man is needed to bring order to the region

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Episode 35-the Russian Civil War: Turkestan and Bolshevim

The Jadids are chased out of Kokand, Khiva, and Bukhara and they are outnumbered and outmaneuvered by their enemies: the Russian settlers, the Ulama, and the Basmachi. Their best hope lies with the Bolsheviks who need Turkestan to spread communism into the rest of Asia and Turkestan’s resources. But can a Islamic, nationalist, modernizing movement find common ground with a Communist state?

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