History in 5ish minutes 5 facts about Arthur Griffith

History in 5ish minute: 5 Facts About Arthur Griffith Welcome to History in 5ish minutes, a new episode format in which we discuss a historical event or person in roughly 5 minutes. Today we'll be discussing the 5 facts about Arthur griffith If you enjoyed this episode, please donate to our Ko-Fi If you want… Continue reading History in 5ish minutes 5 facts about Arthur Griffith

Easter Rising: Monday

As we discussed in our last post, the very secrecy needed to plan the rebellion nearly destroyed it. Despite Casement’s arrested and MacNeill’s counter-orders, Pearse and his comrades were determined to rebel. They sent out another order, telling the Volunteers to gather on Monday, 24 April 1916. A Republic is Pronounced When the Rising began… Continue reading Easter Rising: Monday