Special Episode-6 Books on the Irish War of Independence

We reached 101 followers on Spotify this weekend and so we produced this special episode to celebrate! We discussed the 6 books we used the most when writing our scripts for our episodes on the Irish War of Independence. List of Books mentioned: The Republic: the Fight for Irish Independence by Charles Townshend Vivid Faces… Continue reading Special Episode-6 Books on the Irish War of Independence

Episode 17-the 1921 Anglo-Irish Treaty

In today's episode we discuss the 1921 Anglo-Irish Treaty, including the many controversial decisions made by DeValera during the Truce, the struggle Prime Minister David Lloyd George, Michael Collins, and Arthur Griffith faced from internal and external stakeholders during the negotiations, and the tragic fracture that occurred within the Irish people after the Dail approved… Continue reading Episode 17-the 1921 Anglo-Irish Treaty

Episode 14-Northern Ireland and the Irish War of Independence

Episode 14-Northern Ireland and the Irish War for Independence Today we discuss Northern Ireland and the role it played during the Irish War Of Independence, discussing figures such as James Craig, Edward Carson, and David Lloyd George. Transcript Donation Links for California: Direct Relief Wildfire Relief Election links: Illinois Virus Free voting References https://www.irishtimes.com/culture/heritage/james-craig-backbone-of-revolt-the-soul-of-intransigence-1.508452 https://www.irishtimes.com/culture/heritage/ireland-s-first-world-war-veterans-shunned-ostracised-murdered-1.3691036… Continue reading Episode 14-Northern Ireland and the Irish War of Independence

The RICs, Auxiliaries, and the Black and Tans

During our podcast episodes on the Irish War for Independence, we focus on the IRA’s tactics and perspective. Today, we’ll be focusing on the British response and the different military and law enforcement groups they employed against the IRA and the Dail. England and the Home Rule Bill Up until 1916, the British government’s approach… Continue reading The RICs, Auxiliaries, and the Black and Tans

Review for Fatal Path

Fatal Path: British Government and Irish Revolution 1919-1923 by Ronan Fanning, Faber and Faber, 2013 4/5 A light and easy read about the British perspective during the Anglo-Irish War. I greatly enjoyed this book. Since I normally read about the conflict from the side of the IRA/Irish Nationalist’s, this book was enjoyable and provided needed… Continue reading Review for Fatal Path

Book Review: A Peace to End all Peace

A Peace to End All Peace: the Fall of the Ottoman Empire and the Creation of the Modern Middle East by David Fromkin. Published by Owl Books 2001 4/5 This is one of those books that everyone reads for a foundational knowledge about the Middle Eastern policy during WWI. It is a well-researched and well… Continue reading Book Review: A Peace to End all Peace