Episode 31-Kolesov Bukharan Campaign or How not to Invade Bukhara

The Tashkent Soviet just overthrew the Kokand Autonomy and now they rule Turkestan which is being threatened from all directions by famine, the Red and White Armies, the Basmachi, and violent tensions between the Russian Settlers and the indigenous peoples. So, obviously, the bests thing to do is invade their name the Bukharan Khanate.

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Episode 21-Russian Colonialism in Central Asia 1860-1890

During this episode we will briefly discuss Russian colonialism in Central Asia from 1860-1890, focusing on the how and why. We’ll discuss the subsuming of Steppe Lands, the abolishment of the Kokand Khanate, the subjugation of the Bukharan and Khivan khanates, and the attacks on the Turkmen people of the Ferghana Valley.


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Episode 19-A BRIEF History of Central Asia

It’s season 2 of the Art of Asymmetrical Warfare! This season we’ll be discussing the Central Asian Civil Wars during the Russian Civil War.

Today, we’re starting with a BRIEF history of Central Asia. In this episode we’ll explain how this podcast defines Central Asia, give a very brief overview of Central Asia’s ancient and fascinating history, ending with Russia’s conquest of Central Asia (1839-1895), and detail what we hope to cover during season two.

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