The RICs, Auxiliaries, and the Black and Tans

During our podcast episodes on the Irish War for Independence, we focus on the IRA’s tactics and perspective. Today, we’ll be focusing on the British response and the different military and law enforcement groups they employed against the IRA and the Dail. England and the Home Rule Bill Up until 1916, the British government’s approach… Continue reading The RICs, Auxiliaries, and the Black and Tans

Episode 7-Anglo-Irish War Part II-1920

Episode 7-Anglo-Irish War Part II 1920 Before we begin, we want to make it clear that this podcast and website knows Black Lives Matter and support the protesters demanding justice and arguing for the abolition of the police. There are links below on how we can help support the movement and challenge our own prejudices… Continue reading Episode 7-Anglo-Irish War Part II-1920