Episode 17-the 1921 Anglo-Irish Treaty

In today's episode we discuss the 1921 Anglo-Irish Treaty, including the many controversial decisions made by DeValera during the Truce, the struggle Prime Minister David Lloyd George, Michael Collins, and Arthur Griffith faced from internal and external stakeholders during the negotiations, and the tragic fracture that occurred within the Irish people after the Dail approved… Continue reading Episode 17-the 1921 Anglo-Irish Treaty

Episode 16-Cathal Brugha and the Irish War of Independence

Today we'll be discussing Cathal Brugha's role during the Irish War of Independence, including his struggles as minister of defense, his difficult relationship with Collins and Mulcahy, and his role in the Treaty debates. Transcript Voting Links: Indivisible IL 09 Twitter Page Indivisible Chicago Twitter Page Indivisible Chicago South Side Twitter Page Virus Free Voting… Continue reading Episode 16-Cathal Brugha and the Irish War of Independence