LIRS and IRC are American based resettlement organizations who need donations as well as people volunteering to pick refugees up from airports, help them resettle, etc.

Want to help Afghanistan and the Afghan people? Here’s how:

Afghan Famine: Call your reps

UPDATE: Afghanistan is on the brink of mass famine and potentially creating the greatest humanitarian crisis we’ve seen in our lifetime since Syria. There are a couple of ways to help. One is to call your representatives and demand they end sanctions against Afghanistan, ease restrictions of aid send to Afghanistan, and draft and then pass a bill sending funds and resources to the people of Afghanistan. We most also petition our representatives and the president to increase the number of Afghanistan refugees we are resettling and end all deportations.

Find Your Rep Here

Pass the Afghan Adjustment act

Call your representatives and tell them you want them to pass the Afghan Adjustment Act which would allow Afghan paroles to seek legal permanent residence in the US

Support Resettlement Orgs

Volunteer with LIRS

Volunteer with IRC

Two orgs in the DMV area (DC-Maryland-Virginia) are looking for volunteers as well:

Volunteer with Lutheran Social Services

Volunteer with Kabultec

Donate to on the Ground Relief Orgs

UPDATED 1/25/2022

There are several humanitarian orgs still in Afghanistan that need our support.

Help Displaced Families Fundraiser

Support Afghanistan Fundraiser

The HALO trust

AKDN Afghanistan

Mercy Corps


ActionAid Afghanistan

UNICEF Afghanistan

Urgent Afghanistan Appeal

Bolani for Children Who Would Otherwise Go Hungry

Aseel’s Emergency Response fundraiser

Donate to Afghan Orgs

UPDATED: 1/25/2022

Donate to the people actually in Afghanistan as they struggle to survive this humanitarian crisis:

Sahar Speaks– an organization that supports female reporters

Rukshana Media-an news outlet run by female reporters

Kabul Small Animal Rescue fundraiser-a shelter founded by an American woman still in Afghanistan to train her all Afghan staff to care for animals

Help My Mother Neighbors feed their families organized by Gulwali Passarlay-A fundraiser organized by an Afghan family to help their neighbors survive the famine

Other Ways to Help

Being a Referral

If you work in media then you or the company/organization you work for ever worked with Afghans in the past, you or your employer can be their referral. Learn more here

More info on being a referral

Here is a great thread explaining the process in detail

Donate your airline miles or agree to help mitigate fees

Uplift Afghan voices

Instead of relying on white pundits and scholars, listen to Afghan scholars and reporters.

Thread of Afghan journalists

Thread of Afghan scholars

Updated: 3/21/2022