Black Lives Matters Resources

This is a page devoted to Black Lives Matters resources I’ve collected. I am a white person in Chicago, so most of the resources will be focused on Chicago initiatives and how we, as white people, can educate ourselves and challenge our own prejudices and racism. This page will be constantly updated as I find new sources, organizations, and initiatives.

It provides links to petitions, who to call or text, resources to help us educate ourselves, places to donate, and much more and is regularly updated.


Movement for Black Lives

This group is a power house. Right now they’re focused on Black August, focusing on three different initiatives.

Freedom Summer

Freedom Summer is focused on fighting voter suppression in Mississippi, the epicenter of white supremacy, with the goal of having ripple affects throughout the US. They are partnering with three other groups to fighting for Black rights and equality:

BAN (Black Abolitionist Network):

Their goal is to defund the Chicago Police Department and train more than 1,000 people in the skills necessary to help lead the campaign.

EAT (Equity and Transformation):

They are focused on building police accountability and providing COVID-19 relief in the city of Joliet, right outside Chicago. We are working to build police accountability in the city of Joliet, right outside Chicago.


They are focused on defunding Cook County jail and sheriff’s office, decreasing the size, scope, power of the police, and end the contract with the police at Chicago State University.

End the War on Black People

This is a huge resource on ways we can end the war on Black people. It breaks the demands out into their own pages and those pages break down the problem, break down further demands, adn identifies legislation that needs to be passed to fix the problem, and the orgs that are working on fixing the problem.

This page is the preamble and explains their goals and vision

The Black National Convention

The Black National Convention-Register now to attend a convention dedicated towards shaping a Black Agenda ahead of the 2020 elections. As white people it’s important we show up and shut up. We need to sit and listen and figure out how best to support this agenda

They also have weekly actions that can be taken to fight for Black lives, rights, and futures.

Weekly Actions

On Mondays, they Demand Respect for Protestors Right to Protest

On Tuesdays, they Demand to Defund the Police

On Wednesdays, they Demand Relief be sent to hard hit communities

On Thursdays, they Demand Community Control

On Fridays, they Demand the End of the War on Black people

On Saturdays, they are Making Meaning out of this moment of crisis

This page is the preamble and explains their goals and vision

Breathe Act

Breathe Act-the Breathe Act is a new bill dedicated towards ending police brutality, incarceration, and the harm legal system, to reallocate funds into Black and other vulnerable communities, and create a more equality and free society for all peoples. Call your representatives and ask them to support the Breathe Act.

Collect Our Cousins and Ending White Silence

SURJ is fighting to reach white voters in Georgia the the Democratic party has written off. SURJ believes they can be reached and we only need to reach 55,000 voters. Join SURJ every Saturday until November from 1pm-4:00pm EST where they’ll give you a script, techniques on how to connect with voters, and tech support.

Learn More Here

Feds in Chicago and Portland

The Feds are creating a war zone in Portland and are threatening BBQ joints and intimidating peaceful protesters in Chicago. Call your representatives and demand they defund ICE, CBP, and DHS because those are the organizations being used to target, kidnap, and intimidate people who call our country home. Don’t know who your rep is, this website can help

Also call Mayor Lightfoot and DEMAND she stop working with the Feds. Don’t believe her statement that they’ll work through the state attorney’s office. We’ve seen what’s happening in Portland. You can’t control them.

Abolition of the Police and Jails

8toAbolition– this is a website you can use to the start the conversation of abolishing the police and jails. As the website says, it’s meant to be a resource, not an exact blueprint. It’s up to us to take the information and figure out how to best implement these recommendations in our communities. The website also has links to two mutual aid projects, one to support formerly incarcerated business owners and to support people released from incarceration.

There are three big initiatives being pushed in Chicago, championed by Chicago Alliance, Movement for Black Lives, SURJ, and others.


CPAC is a Civilian Police Accountability Council. Chicago Alliance has a great website breaking it down, but basically it would create a council of democratically elected citizens who would have control over the hiring and firing of police superintendents and head of the Civilian Office of Police accountability (COPA), police budget, and police and COPA policy. It would make the community in charge of the police and, honestly, is the smallest big step we can take right now in our efforts to address racial injustice and inequality. Right now the ordinance is being reviewed by the alderman. It’s VITAL you call/email/tweet/harrass your alderman to support this ordinance. We need 26 alderman to pass and 34 to make it veto proof.

Chicago Alliance just launched this new toolkit, asking us to email our aldermen on specific days. They’ve also provided a script we can use to email Mayor Lightfoot, as well as tweets we can send during the week for a social media blast. Mayor Lightfoot also said she supported CPAC when she was running for mayor. We should call her and remind her of that.

Get the Cops out of Chicago Public Schools

Cops don’t belong in schools, period. They don’t make people safer. They don’t stop mass shootings. They target minorities and contribute to the prison complex. Thousands of students are pressuring their school boards to get them out of school and we can help. This great website gives you email templates you can send to Mayor Lightfoot and your alderman, demanding they pass ordinance #2020-3331 and get the cops out of our schools.

The website also provides plenty of information about the issue and a social media kit you can use to spread the word.

Defund Cook County Jail

The police are only half the problem. Jails are death camps-even before COVID-19-and the pandemic has only made them worse. Additionally, just like the police force, jails are a tool used by white supremacists and the status quo to target Black people and other minorities. I’m going to admit that this is a blindspot for me which is why I’m diving deep into Angela Davis’ work and will expand from there. But I know that jails have to go and this website allows you to send a letter to your county commissioner asking them to defund Cook County Jail.

Chicago Alliance has new scripts for Governor Pritzker, State Attorney Kim Foxx, and Chief Evans here

Get rid of the University of Chicago Police Department

ALSO, if you’re a UChicago alum, the UCP trapped protesters inside the campus police building for 20 hours with no access to food or bathroom in June. The protesters were asking to defund the police officers and reallocate funds to community projects on the south side.We need to use our alumni power to pressure UChicago into ending their contract with the police and give back to the community it’s currently tearing apart. Trying to find more info on what we can do, but writing op eds for the Chicago Maroon will help. Also writing to the president and the board and the alumni association would help as well, but will update once I discover the best way to tailor our message and pressure UChicago effectively.

Supporting Black Creators

Black podcasters are asking people to listen to at least 5 podcasts created by Black podcasts between June 19th and June 26th. Can use the hashtags #BlackPodcastSupport and #BlackoutTopShows if you want to share who you’re listening to on social media

Some of our favorite podcasts include:


Code Switch

White Homework


Black History Year

Abolition Science Radio

Intersectionality Matters!


In the Thick


Show Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) Chicago

Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression

Movement for Black Lives

Chicago Torture Justice Center

Chicago Community Bond Fund

National Legal Guild Chicago

Good Kids Mad City 

Delacreme Scholars

Homeless Black Trans Women Fund

The Okra Project

Trans Women of Color of Survival Fund

Emergency Release Fund

For the Gworls

Marsha P. Johnson Institute

Black Trans Protestors Emergency Fund

Coalition to End Money Bond

Brave Space Alliance

Black Lives Matter Chicago

Neighbors for Affordable Housing

Chicago Religious Leaders Network

Organized Communities Against Deportations

Assata’s Daughters

Let Us Breathe Collective

10 Black Women and Queer Activists We Need to Support and Protect


Black history: Facts and People – another reference point for those who are starting their deep dive into Black history

The Case for Reparations by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Black History Milestones: Timeline

Last updated: 8/15/2020