What happens when a former Ottoman Pasha, sentenced to death in absentia finds himself in Central Asia? If you’re Enver Pasha, you first align with the Bolsheviks before jumping ship and joining the Basmachi. Learn how Enver led the Basmachi until his death in a small village in eastern Bukhara.

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The Basmachi or Freeman’s Revolt in Turkestan 1918-1924 by Martha B. Olcott

The Basmachi Movement from Within: An Account of Zeki Velidi Togan by H. B. Paksoy

Some Aspects of the Basmachi Movement and the Role of Enver Pasha in Turkestan by Mehmet Shahingoz and Amina Akhantaeva

An Ottoman Warrior Abroad: Enver Pasha as an Expatriate by Suhnaz Yilmaz

Enver Pasha in Central Asia Support for the National Struggle Documentation in the Moscow Archives by Hazratali Tursuny and Mrs. Moldabaevayy

Enver Pasha and the Basmaji Movement in Central Asia by S. R. Sonyel

Making Uzbekistan: Nation, Empire, and Revolution in the Early USSR by Adeeb Khalid

Central Asia: a History by Adeeb Khalid

Russian-Soviet Unconventional Wars in the Caucasus, Central Asia, and Afghanistan by Robert F. Baumann

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