Join us as we discuss the fate of Central POWs in Turkestan, what Indian Revolutionaries were doing in Tashkent, and how the British attempted to continue their Great Game spy adventures during the Russian Civil War.

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00:00 Intro

00:38 Making History Segment

7:26 Intro and Part 1 Central Power POWs

10:41 Part 1A Austo-Hungarian and German POWs

13:26 Part 2A Ottoman POWs

16:05 Part 2 Indian Revolutionaries

22:04 Part 2A M. P. T. Archarya

24:12 Part 2B Manabendra Nath Roy

30:47 Part 3 British Agents

31:19 Part 3a F. M. Bailey

34:28 Part 3B P. T. Etherton

39:06 Outro


Prisoners of War During World War 1 I THE GREAT WAR Special

Ottoman Prisoners of War in Russia, 1914-22 by Yucel Yanikdag

Indian Revolutionaries in Central Asia by G. L. Dmitriev

Indian Nationalists’ Cooperation with Soviet Russia in Central Asia: The Case of M.P.T. Acharya by Lina Bernstein

Subversive Indian Networks in Berlin and Europe, 1914 – 1918: The History and Legacy of the Berlin Committee by Fredrik Petersson

Etherton at Kashgar: Rhetoric and Reality in the History of the “Great Game” by Daniel C. Waugh

Setting the East Ablaze: Lenin’s Dream of an Empire in Asia by Peter Hopkirk

Making Uzbekistan: Nation, Empire, and Revolution in the Early USSR by Adeeb Khalid

Mission to Tashkent by F. M. Bailey

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