Hello! I’m Sam Amenn, host of the Art of Asymmetrical Warfare, a history podcast that focuses on asymmetrical warfare and colonialism/imperialism. I have a Masters in International Relations with a focus on insurgencies and state formation. My podcast utilizes a holistic approach to discuss one conflict per season. This means that I never talk about a conflict as if it’s occurring within a vacuum but pull in economic, political, and even cultural and social elements into the conversation when appropriate. To learn more about me and my podcast, watch our welcome video:

And list to the first episode from my podcast:

This website is meant to supplement the podcast, so not only will you find all of our podcast episodes on this website (as well as on Spotify and Itunes) but you’ll find articles, book reviews, and other fun content to enhance your learning experience. You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram for content that isn’t suited for the audio or blog medium. We’ll also be launching a TikTok soon!

If you want to support my work, please join my Patreon where you will receive exclusive episodes available only through Patreon, access to ALL episodes before anyone else, community book club, have your name read at the end of the episode, and more!

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