Episode 15-Cathal Brugha and Easter Rising

Today we’ll be discussing Cathal Brugha and his role in the Gaelic League, Easter Rising, and the creation of Sinn Fein and the IRA.


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Protecting Ruth Ginsberg’s Seat Until After the Election


Irish Nation Lives Episode on Cathal Brugha’s Expedition to London

Irish Nation Lives Episode on Cathal Brugha

Cathal Brugha by Fergus O’Farrell 2018, University College Dublin Press

The Republic: the Fight for Irish Independence by Charles Townshend, 2014, Penguin Group

Fatal Path: British Government and Irish Revolution 1910-1922 by Ronan Fanning, 2013, Faber & Faber

Easter 1916: The Irish Rebellion by Charles Townshend, 2015, Penguin Group

A Nation and Not a Rabble: the Irish Revolution 1913-1923 by Diarmaid Ferriter, 2015, Profile Books

Richard Mulcahy: From the Politics of War to the Politics of Peace, 1913-1924 by Padraig O Caoimh, 2018, Irish Academic Press

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